About Damon

Damon Autry is a writer, panel moderator, author, and ghostwriter. Since 2010, he has penned speeches and op-eds for busy executives, written two books, moderated automotive leadership panels, helped design and implement workplace inclusion strategies, and developed long-form research documents about diversity in corporate America. Most recently, he wrote corporate statements for companies responding to social unrest around the country. His work adds value to companies of all sizes and in various industries, including automotive, nonprofit, civil engineering, insurance and hospitality. His work also ensures that companies are proactive with their messaging and true to their core competencies and strategic business initiatives. 

Executive Ghostwriting

Allowing Damon to pen your next speech or op-ed gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Equity & Inclusion

America is changing. Population shifts are happening before our eyes. Let Damon help guide your organization toward this inevitability.

Feature Writing

Telling stories, introducing brands and exploring the multi-dimensional tales of the human experience.

Research Projects

Damon's research papers explore minority entrepreneurism, the auto industry's impact on inner cities, the notion of diversity in America, and several other topics.


Creating content for leading brands.
"Damon has become a go-to resource for our writing and communication needs, particularly as it relates to our automotive initiatives. We look forward to his continued partnership with us."
"We’ve had many stories written about us during our almost 30 years in business, but none were able to encapsulate our journey in business quite like Damon’s piece."
“Damon has served as our de facto communications department, performing tasks ranging from internal communications to our PR outreach efforts. We’ve worked with them since 2010, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work he provides."
"We launched our e-newsletter when we expanded our service offerings in 2009, and the suggestions Damon made and the foundation he helped establish have been extremely helpful to the marketing success of our business." 
"I’ve known Damon for almost 40 years, since we were freshmen in high school. His character and integrity have always been on display, and they come across in the great work that he does."
"Damon has been invaluable in our efforts to develop external communication tools and strategies. He has a strong ability to translate our unique business challenges into clear messaging in the marketplace."

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